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Holistic Mental Wellness Coach


I am excited to meet you and introduce to you to a different way of taking control of your life and finally achieving the relief and balance that your heart desires!

I too was a fellow seeker searching for peace, balance, and security amidst this turbulent and ever-changing world that we live in. Troubled by inner worry, past trauma, external pressures, and surmounting anxieties of personal ambition; like you, I too found myself in a dark place once upon a time in my life. Like many others, I sought help from professionals within the traditional talk therapy setting. And like many others, I left feeling unhealed, incomplete, and fragmented with no other means calming my inner turmoil. While that setting certainly works for many others, for me, and others like me, more is needed.


That is what lead me to seek and discover a new approach to mental wellness, to treating the individual, and to truly helping individuals discover themselves, their strengths, and their abilities in a way that makes YOU your own healer. No more relying on others to make you feel better, to support you, and to change your life. With this approach, YOU learn to become your own healer. As you dive deep into the complexities of what brings you into services, you will begin to discover what truly makes you unique, special, and so very capable of overcoming all obstacles set before you!


My background in mental health and mental wellness is complimented by a catalog of alternative healing approaches, holistic wellness approaches, eastern medicine philosophies & spiritual practice, as well as metaphysical teachings to create a unique and authentic Holistic approach to treating the "Whole-Self". Through a combination of traditional talk therapy theories and alternative healing practices such as mindfulness, meditation, sound therapy, yoga, energy balancing, crystal therapy, essential oils, natural herbal healing, and more; I will help you explore and journey into the depths of what challenges you to discover the underlying spring of Resiliency, Reliability, Confidence, and Capability that lies within! 


Let's connect. I look forward to meeting you!


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