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​Are you going through a transformation? Are you at a crossroad? A transformation coach walks with you while you walk out of your old life into your new one, one goal at a time with wellness.

Peace and Love. My name is Laure. I am a Transformation Vision Coach. I use talking in person or through telehealth as well as nature walks, photography, and art to coach you. Let’s combine our creative energy to help you bring out your best you for this next season!

Today, I am a certified coach, here for you; reconnecting with your inner child and your creativity as you become a beautiful transformed being through your own spiritual growth. If you want to work towards being more present, or on a goal, lets walk a bit of your journey together. I work with ancestral teachings, healing art, photography and various other skills. I will share with you, what I’ve been taught by many extraordinary people who have touched my heart and given me tools to reach inner peace in an ever-changing world.

I specialize in transitions:
If you are in the process of separation…
If you just became a mother…
If your children just left the nest…
If you are in the process of professional changes…
then you can feel the butterfly in you trying to come out of the cocoon! Call me, we will envision it together!

Reach your goal. The time is now. The sun just came up in your life to shine on your beauty, strength and gentleness!! A new day is here, and possibilities are bountiful.

As we celebrate the end of this season remember that each end is a beginning. And, I know, if you are reading this, you are in the right place!!!


I am looking forward to meeting with you. Let's connect soon.


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