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The mission of D.I.Y. Wellness, Discovering the Individual in You is to educate, support, and empower people with the tools, resources and skills necessary to achieve an optimum state of Wellness and

Self-Actualization, by enhancing their social emotional intelligence and promoting spiritual growth & development.


DIY Wellness applies a focused strength-based approach to the achievement of Optimum Wellness by treating the whole person to fully integrate the five basic dimensions of life, Physical, Career, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual into an effective lifestyle.

People are whole beings rather than fragmented parts that can be dealt with and addressed separately.

As such, DIY Wellness suggests addressing the whole system through a conscious effort and commitment to minimize stress, promote well-being, increase self-fulfillment, and resist disease. 



The concept of you having the ability to heal yourself may seem unrealistic but it isn't. It has been done for centuries; and only up until the arrival of modern day medicine have we seemed to have lost touch with this natural capacity. Within us all lies a hidden ability to free ourselves of mental anguish and emotional baggage while improving how we feel about ourselves, our lives, and others. You have the capability to take control of your thoughts and guide your thinking so it creates change within you on all levels.




Eastern medical philosophy has endowed us with sacred teachings of Prana in Buddism , of Qigong in Chinese Philosophy, and of Te' in Taoism to show us the pathway to complete balanced wellness through the channeling and refinement of the life force energy within us. Here is where western and eastern practice meet. You will learn how to harness the natural abilities of your energetic framework to promote positive psychological and physiological changes which result in an increase of cognitive, mental, and emotional capacity to handle stress, problem solve, and face life challenges. In this way, the obtainment of true healing can only be done by you! 




This is not traditional Talk Therapy which can sometimes feel repetitive, unengaging (depending on the therapist), and unproductive. This is active coaching designed to get you up, unstuck, and into the movement and flow of a better life path. You will develop a customized wellness approach that supports what you want out of life and helps you achieve it! My catalogue of wellness approaches and techniques include but are not limited to Meditation, Mindfulness, Sacred Breath Work, Energy Work of the Chakras and Chi, Yogic Movement, Aromatherapy and Essential Oils, Crystal Therapy, Adaptogenic Herbal Therapy, Nature Therapy, and much more! These are combined with traditional talk therapy theories of Social, Emotional, Cognitive, Behavioral, and Sexual Development.  




Take your life into your hands and begin balancing your wellness now. With this wellness path you have the ability to grow exponentially!  




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