Why "DIY" Wellness?


"Because, you are the only person that can truly heal you! As you know, healing from the past, and dealing with pain and trauma is a very personal battle/process. Your specific combination of life experiences gives you a unique set of lessons that comprise who you are today. You where given the power and natural ability to grow, to learn, to develop, and transform as it's inherently one of life's gifts to us. 



But overtime, as a population, our capacity to harness these natural abilities has decreased, rendering us powerless against traumas and prone to psycho, social, and emotional imbalances in our wellbeing. To achieve an optimum state of wellness, treating the whole person to fully integrate the five basic dimensions of life...Physical, Career, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual is key. Addressing the whole system can minimize stress, promote well-being, and restore balance.


With this wellness path you have the ability to grow exponentially! Your dedication and commitment to loving you and creating the best you possible is YOUR purpose!  But you must choose it! When you do, you will find a power so great within that brings you face-to-face with your authentic-self!


Healing is possible and you can attain it! I am here to guide you as you traverse this difficult terrane.


Let's Journey Together! ❤

-Lisa Wainwright

Naturopathic & Therapeutic

Mental Wellness Coach

 Lisa Wainwright

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